Friday, 28/7/2017 | 6:45 UTC+0
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Technology: Does It Have Limits?


If you had asked us twenty years ago whether technology had limits, we would probably have said that it did. After all, there was only so much computing power that something has, and so it was limited. Computers and other technology only had a certain amount of memory, and so computer programs would only be able to extend so far. But today, there are huge jumps in understandings of technology with every week, not just every year. The limitations that we thought would be imposed on us by technology and within technology have been completely smashed – most calculators that kids take into school technically have more computing power than many of the original NASA space missions! We have very few ideas how technology is going to continue developing – but can we now say whether it has a limit or not?

In some cases, we’d have to agree. There are some areas that a robot or a computer simply cannot replace a person, such as during counselling or therapy. When a person really needs to communicate with another person and pour out their soul, then there is no way that a robot can just replace that human interaction, no matter how impressive that technology has been created, and how much intelligence has been poured into it. There is something about another human being that you cannot recreate through another machine, and so in mediation, counselling, and other kinds of therapy, it does not seem likely that technology is ever going to overcome people any time soon.

On the other hand, there are some areas in which technology is moving forward very quickly, and making a really impressive impact. In some medical areas, technology has improved the working and personal lives of so many people that it is hard to remember what the world was like before we had access to that sort of technology! We are now able to see inside people’s bodies, test for diseases and illnesses before the patient starts to show symptoms, and cure health problems that used to be a killer combination ten years ago. The technology in dentistry and optics in particular are moving forward so quickly that by the time everyone within the medical industry has been completely trained on a new method of working, there is already a new one that is being developed!

Any yet not every area of medicine can be improved by technology. Take detoxing, for example. Foot detox patches are one of the few ways to guarantee that the vast majority of toxins have been removed from the body, and they work with the natural rhythms of the body. You cannot put any technology in foot detox patches because they rely on and interact with the kidneys and liver, and they combine together to help the body get rid of the gunk that has built up in the body. No technology has been created – to date – that is able to biologically interact with our bodies to remove chemicals and toxins in such a short amount of time: just wearing foot detox patches once overnight will remove a huge percentage of the damaging chemicals within your body.

So what should we expect from the future of technology? We’re going to see a huge change in our approach to the internet, as the internet of things continue to develop faster and faster, with more opportunities for international collaboration as speeds increase. We would also expect to see more changes in medical technology, although of course foot detox patches are not going to be replaced any time soon. What areas do you think technology will have no limits?