Friday, 28/7/2017 | 6:45 UTC+0
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Technology And Dentistry


There does not seem to be an area of our lives that technology has not altered or dramatically improved, especially over the last few years or so. The last decade has transformed the way that we encounter technology at every turn, and for many of the younger generation it is impossible for them to imagine the world that we live in right now without the technology that we rely on! The way that we hail a cab has completely changed, how we order groceries is now different, and we can keep track of events that are taking place on the other side of the world right from the comfort of our sofas without taking a step. However, there are some areas that we do not feel as comfortable with having technology getting involved, and one of those is dentistry – but is that something that is about to change?

You may not think it, but dentistry is really starting to take notice of the ways that more information and data can better inform the ways that dentists treat patients. There are plenty of companies that are creating technology specifically for dentists and dental procedures and treatments, and their research is starting to make real differences to their customers (dentists) and their patients. Technology that was only ideas and hope a few years ago are starting to be developed through our better understanding, and that means that people who previously did not think that their dental problems could be solved are now realizing that there is a chance that they could be cured and supported.

Take for example, dentists who offer different kinds of dentures to their patients. Although there are many different permanent denture options in San Diego not everyone knows about them, and even dentists can find it a little boring to have to explain the different choices over and over again! However, they can decide to create an app that goes through the variety of permanent denture options in San Diego that they can just hand over to a patient and they can look through them at their own leisure – and then ask their dentist any questions that they have about the particular type of dentures that they want. This saves a huge amount of time and effort, for dentists as well as patients, and without this type of technology it simply would not be possible.

Of course, there is more to dental technology than understanding the different types of permanent denture options in San Diego – there are also better ways to see inside the body without having to resort to dangerous x-rays. This more holistic approach is healthier for patients who do not need to have radiation flooded through their body when all they need is a more clever and intuitive way to gather information about a patient’s health. Parents are becoming more and more impressed with this use of technology because they do not want their children to be exposed to radiation unless they actually need it, and the practise of having a child being x-rayed every year, just because it was always done that way, should be ended.

It could be that we are never completely comfortable with new technologies in dental surgeries, but you have to remember that at one time, the reclining dental chair was itself a fascinating bit of new technology! We all have to learn how to adapt, and the changes that technology are making real changes to the way that dentists are able to treat their patients. Who knows where this new generation of technology will lead, and how many people it can help?