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How to Optimize Your Blog and Website

21 Powerful Ways To Optimize Your Blog

The blogger may choose to write about what’s going through his mind at that time or he may post something about the work he does. In any case, it is one should optimize the blog for search engines and most importantly for the readers because it is imperative that readers keep returning to the blog.

Most blogs run on standard blog platforms or are hosted on other domains. And because of this, optimizing a blog differs from the standard website search engine optimization (SEO). The design of the blog also impact the blog rankings. A blog which is easy to navigate makes it easier for the user to navigate and thus engage the visitor in your blog.

Some tips towards effective blog optimization are:

1) Make it pleasing to the eye: Create a distinctive look for your blog using templates and/or color schemes. Color upgrades and unique logos also help customize your blog. It should be kept in mind that the color scheme chosen should suit the content. Flashy colors are not a wise choice for factual blogs whereas subtle shades complement personal/philosophical blog postings.

2) Quick Response: It is important that your page doesn’t take the time to load. Not all readers would bother to wait! This should be remembered while adding widgets to your blog.

The images and videos make the blog post good looking and easily understandable. For this, you need a reliable hosting provider which can load the images quickly and we suggest you try Godaddy alternatives because Godaddy is no more a quality provider.

3) The Content and Presentation: It is important that your content should not bore the reader. It should be precise as well as comprehensive. Moreover, it should be presented properly. It isn’t a good idea to choose highly stylized fonts or layouts. Sometimes, everyone may not have all stylized fonts installed. In that case, they’ll view your blog in the simple fonts. It is thus preferable to choose simpler fonts which can be viewed by everyone.

4) The Importance of your Title: You should ensure that your title complements your content and doesn’t make the reader wonder what blog entry could be about. Initially, when you are relying on search engines for your readers, it is important that you optimize your blog and use a great title. Using the right keywords in the title is a good impression.

6) Spread the Link: It is a good idea to link up your post to an original story, if any, or to commentary’s on the same topic. By doing this, you make those bloggers aware of your blog. There may be a chance that they will in turn link back to you on that story or some other time in the future.

Rather than writing a direct +click here’ it will be more effective to create a link on some content in your post. The best way to get links to your blogs is by posting something original and innovative. When some blogger likes it, he may link to your post and eventually, your work may go viral!

7) Putting a Related Posts Plugin: This allows readers to view older posts which may have got buried under newer posts. You also have an option to deep link from your current page to older entries you made.

8) Ping other sites: Sites like Technorati and FeedBurner allow you to ping when you make a new post on your blog. This leads to faster indexing on search engines. Blog platforms like WordPress give you the option of automatic pinging. It is a good idea to ping and update!

9) Manage Your Trackback & Comment Spam: It isn’t very nice if spammers can link to irrelevant sites through your blog. It is thus important that you use the necessary tools to fight spam and manage comments on your blog. For this, you can use a plugin like Akismet.

10) Providing RSS, feed subscription and e-mail: Most viewers won’t bother to subscribe to your blog if the process is tedious. A potential subscriber will seek the orange RSS logo or logos of other standard aggregators. It is thus conducive to put up RSS links in the most obvious locations whereby people need just a click to subscribe to your feed. Various hosted blogging solutions do not provide RSS automatically. But it is imperative that the effort be made as it yields greater subscriptions. There may be viewers who don’t get RSS. Accommodate them by giving them an option of getting your blog posts by email instead.


These are some of the main tips to optimize the blog which not only helps you to get the better ranking in the search engine but also become the cause of driving more traffic. Also, keep in mind that a reliable hosting is a pillar of the every blog so we recommend you to use best cheap WordPress hosting. And, don’t fill up your storage by unnecessary plugins, images, and java scripts etc.