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How Can Technology Improve Dentistry?


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Dentistry may not be the place where you would expect to see a huge amount of technology, but you would be surprised at just how much you can now see – or not see – within the dental practice. Many dentists now have the have special licenses to be able to operate heavy machinery and there is a huge amount of technical knowledge that they have to have in order to successfully manage any dental treatment. Why do you think that it takes so long for a dentist to complete their training? There is just so much for them to learn, and the last thing that you would want is a dentist working on you that did not know exactly what they were doing! So how can technology improve dentistry, and what is being worked on at the moment?

One of the most dramatic changes that have been made is within the field of x-rays. Considered to be a miracle technology when it was first developed decades ago, it gives us the ability to see inside within the body and understand what is wrong with it without the need to cut it open – something that is obviously more preferable! The trouble is, of course, that no technology is completely perfect, and we very quickly realized that x-rays can give too much radiation to a person if they receive too many of it, and so that is why technology has moved forward again, creating special techniques to be able to see within a person without having to use x-rays themselves. This dental technology is still very much in its infancy and not every single dentistry practice will be able to offer it yet, but it will make a huge difference to children especially who need numbers of checks for orthotics, and for those who have been in an accident and who may need numerous different checks and tests to ensure that they are healing properly.

Another area that technology is really developing for dentistry is in painless tooth restorations. Whereas before a person would have to naturally accept an element of pain if they needed to have a dental restoration, but that is starting to change. Thanks to changes in dental understanding and technology, there have been dramatic improvements to the way that a person can experience painless tooth restorations which is greatly to the benefit of everyone; obviously the patient wants to get through their appointment without a huge amount of pain, and the dentist does not want to impart pain to their patient either! It will change the world, this innovation in painless tooth restorations as there are so many people who require dental restorations but are avoiding it because of the pain.

If any of this sounds a little strange to you, don’t worry – it always sounds strange the first time that you hear it because it is completely new. Every change and development in medicine and the world of dentistry is one that is a little frightening because it is completely new, but over time it will become so standard within our society that you will not think twice. Future generations will be amazed that we ever did things a different way, just as we are surprised that previous generations had teeth pulled out of street children and thrust into the gaps in their teeth, instead of having false teeth! But over time your children and their children will be able to experience painless tooth restorations as a matter of course. Perhaps that painless tooth restorations future is not actually that far away. Perhaps it can be one that you get to experience soon.